Belize National Teachers' union


1. To promote, within its competence, the educational interests of the country and keep the public informed concerning educational matters or importance and urgency.

2. To promote and maintain the unity of the teaching profession, widen the scope of its usefulness, and safeguard the interest of those comprising the membership.

3. To aid the achievement and maintenance of high professional, ethical and moral standards among teachers.

4. To consider and make representation to appropriate authorities on matters of common interest of teachers at all levels.

5. To afford the Ministry of Education, School Managers and other educational authorities at all levels, the benefit of teachers’ collective ideas, opinions and experiences through the participatory approach h, so as to ensure maximum input and execution.

6. To keep under scrutiny and consideration, the operations of the Educational Laws and all Rules and Regulations arising therefrom, so as to ensure that they serve the best interests of education.

7. To establish and maintain friendly relations with other Teachers’ Organizations and teacher-friendly groups throughout the world; and where possible, top represent its members on these bodies.

8. To acquire, receive, hold and administer property in the interest and for the benefit of its members.

9. To project and maintain a proactive position on issues of national, regional and international interest that will impact on the independence, sovereignty, social, economic, and political well-being of our people and nation.

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