Belize National Teachers' union


In order to better serve and meet the needs of its members, the BNTU nationally and/or through its several branches provide the following:

ü Scholarships and/or Book Grants to secondary schools for children and near relatives of its members.

ü Scholarships to UCB for BNTU Members.

ü A Group Life/Health Insurance Scheme with Guardian Life which covers hospitalization accidents, death, and sickness at home

ü Loan Scheme

ü Death fund

ü Housing Scheme

ü Newsletters (national and by some branches)

ü Teachers’ Resource Centers where resource materials, information and consultation are available.

ü Seminars, Workshops and training programs for officers, school representatives and members.

ü In-service training classes (by some branches) to provide classes and materials for teachers preparing to sit their Teachers’ Examinations.

The Union also plans and provides special programs and activities for both teachers and schools throughout the year through its various branches. These include a two/three weeks’ Summer Institute held in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Education Week Program, Sporting and other Social and Cultural activities including Festival of Arts (in some districts), and other activities for the teachers and children/schools.

The Belize National Teachers’ Union looks forward with hope and vision to project itself more within the community and to provide more and better services and protection to all its members.

Because of its great out-reach and influence, the BNTU has and will continue to work closely with other civic and social/service organizations within the community.

The Belize National Teachers’ Union is proud to serve and represent Belize, our teachers and you.

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