Belize National Teachers' union


We are all partners in education and when our synergy is right, all of us stand to gain and the nation is better off for it. It is the constant aim of the BNTU; to

always keep a robust mix of national issues at the forefront, the Belize National Teachers Union remains engaged as it plays a key role in advancing the

development of the country.

The Belize National Teachers’ Union, alongside the Public Service Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers, at this time, is in negotiations with

the Government of Belize; for a Collective Bargaining Agreement of which a salary adjustment is a key component. This process has seen an evolution that has

resulted in the unions taking a number of stands in an effort to get the long overdue salary adjustment we deserve.

We wish for this nation to understand that this salary adjustment; is one that we have already worked tirelessly for. It is also one which would close the economic

gap; created by the contraction of our spending power, brought on as a consequence of inflation and the high cost of living. Our salary adjustment, once

obtained, would benefit all. When the workers of Belize have increased spending power, the nation enjoys an economic boost. The BNTU therefore demands an

opportunity to inject this boost into our economy.

Fellow citizens, the BNTU invites you to join us in our call on the Government of Belize to live up to its obligations to our esteemed educators of this land. Our

educators touch the lives of all of us and impact every career as we mould the minds of our people. We must be respected and paid our fair share from our

nation’s coffers.

Undoubtedly, this is a time that will see many changes globally, regionally and nationally! The BNTU is poised to embrace these changes as well as to prepare

the citizens of this nation to do the same. We will continue to ensure that all are contributing to the advancement of education and we will push our teachers to

give only their best. This nation needs and depends on all doing their part! Come join the BNTU ... TEECHAZ GAT YUH BAK!


Mr. Luke Palacio


Belize National Teachers’ Union


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